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       Check Out Our Duplo lineup! Duplo iSaddle System and more!

 LCE Graphics

You can order your Duplo, Horizon and CP Bourg parts right here!  We have the largest inventory of Parts in the Southeast.
Email Parts Department> mypartsorders@gmail.com 
We have new & remanufactured parts in stock! 
Call Us Toll Free 1-800-634-2176 
International callers:   1-352-799-8393
Or Email us at  Lcegraphicservices@gmail.com 


Introducing: LCE Graphics Telephone Technical Support and Component Testing

   We started providing Telephone Technical Support 20 years ago as a result of growing demand and the absence of qualified, knowledgeable service personnel in the USA and most other countries.

   10 years ago we started providing Component Testing services on many types of equipment. Keep in mind that in order to test components we must have the equipment here on our floor. That in itself is expensive. Also the time it takes to install the component being tested and then testing it.

    We started doing this because too many of the PC Boards and monitors that we sold turned out to be unnecessary as a result of Misdiagnosis or Guesswork by service technicians world wide. This situation is so prevalent that we always assume the PC Board is OK until proven otherwise.


We specialize in publication equipment
Book Binders, Collators, Booklet Makers, Perfect Binders and more... 

Welcome to LCE Graphics;
      It is our hope you will find all of your printing equipment needs with our company. 

      Providing quality equipment and service is a real challenge.  We all want value and at the same time we do not wish to sacrifice quality. 

   "Quality Service by Experienced Professionals" is what everyone is looking for.  You will find it here.  That is our assurance to you. 




Do you need tech support? 
 E-mail us with your equipment problems.

 Lcegraphicservices@gmail.com (Copy Paste)

"Quality Service by Experienced Professionals"