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Parts are available for the following Systems:
All of Duplo's newer systems and:  
Duplo  545, 615 and 645 Slitter Cutter Creasers 
Duplo 1060 4000 Air Feed Collator 
Duplo 4000 Bookletmaker and 4000T Trimmer
Duplo 5000 Collator, Bookletmaker and Trimmer
Duplo 10000S and 8000S Air Feed Collators
Duplo 1200H and 4800 Friction feed collators
Duplo DBM200, 250, and 400 Bookletmakers
Duplo DC48 Series Stitch, fold and trim systems
Duplo DBM200, 250, and 400 Bookletmakers
Duplo DM250T, 400T Trimmers
Duplo 48ST Receding Stacker 
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CP Bourg 
Parts are available for the following Bourg Systems:
All of Bourg's Newer Systems And: 

Bourg BSTe and BMe systems 
Bourg AE series collators
Bourg BDF and BDFX Bookletmaking Systems 
Bourg AGR-P, PA-P, and TR Bookletmaking Attachments 
Bourg Low Profile AGR-t, PA-t, BB-t Book Press and TR-t Bookletmaking attachments 
Bourg BT12, BT15 Colaltors
Bourg BSt10, BSTd, and BSTd Plus collators
Bourg Modulen collators
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Parts Available for the following Horizon Equipment:
All newer Horizon Equipment and:
Horizon VAC100 Collator Systems
Horizon SPF20 and SPF 20A Bookletmaker 
Horizon SPF200A and FC200A 
Horizon MC8 and MC80 collators
Horizon HAC12 and HAC15 Friction feed collators
Horizon SPF10, 10-II, and 11
Horizon FC10,10-II and 11
Horizon SPF20 and SPF20A
Horizon FC 20 and 20A 
Horizon Perect Binders
Horizon BQ240
Horizon BQ260
Horizon BQ270
Horizon BQ440 
Horizon BQ460
Horizon BQ470 

Watkiss Booklet Systems



Watkiss spine master

Watkiss Vacuum feed collators

Watkiss Bookletmakers 

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We stock parts for the complete line of 

Duplo, CP Bourg and Horizon Collators, Bookletmakers.

 For Parts Email us at:

Call us at:  1-352-799-8393 / 1-352-573-0179

 We  stock hard to find Operators, Parts and Service Manuals   

 We also Stock Hard to find parts for Older Model Collators and Bookletmakers.


Duplo Collators and Bookletmakers 

Duplo DC8000S & DC10000S Collators also older Dc1200H and 4800 Friction Feed systems

Duplo DC48 Series Receding Stacker, Stitcher, Folder and Trimmer

Duplo DBM 200 and 250 bookletmakers

Duplo DBM400 Bookletmakers, Trimmers and Collator Systems 

Duplo DBM500 Bookletmakers, Trimmers and Collator Systems 


 CP Bourg Collators and Bookletmakers

Bourg A and AE collators Also Bourg BT12 and 15 Friction feed

Bourg BST BSTd and BSTd+ Collator Systems 

Bourg BSTe and BME Collator Bookletmaker Systems 

Bourg AGR, PA, PAP & TR standard "T" and "P" series attachments

Bourg TD, TD,d and TD-t Receding Stackers 


Horizon Collators and Bookletmakers

Horizon QPC and QPS Friction Feed Collators

Horizon HAC12 and HAC 15 Friction Feed collators 

Horizon MC8 Collators Air Feed

Horizon MC80 Collators  Air Feed

Horizon SPF10, 10II and SPF11 Bookletmakers 

Horizon VAC100 Collators and SPF20,20A Bookletmaker Systems 

Horizon FC10, FC10II, and FC11 Trimmers 


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