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Our Assurance: 
 Experienced Equipment Service Professionals
 Trained to get the job done.


Lce Graphics 
       Provides Service, Parts and Tech Support on the following Bindery Equipment:
 Introducing: LCE Graphics Telephone Technical Support and Component Testing

     We started providing Telephone Technical Support 20 years ago as a result of growing demand and the absence of qualified, knowledgeable service personnel in the USA and most other countries.

     10 years ago we started providing Component Testing services on many types of equipment. Keep in mind that in order to test components we must have the equipment here on our floor. That in itself is expensive. Also the time it takes to install the component being tested and then testing it.

     We started doing this because too many of the PC Boards and monitors that we sold turned out to be unnecessary as a result of Misdiagnosis or Guesswork by service technicians world wide. This situation is so prevalent that we always assume the PC Board is OK until proven otherwise.

C P Bourg   
Full Line Support:
Bourg BST and BSTD Systems along with attachments
Parts and Service support
On site equipment evaluation and appraisals

Operator training
Telephone Technical Support world wide.
New and Used Parts in Stock 
Se Habla Espanol. 


C P Bourg  Vacuum Feed
Full Line:  
  BST , BST-D  Towers
 SBM Booklet maker systems.
Stitch, Fold and Trim

Sales, Service, Parts, Technical Support 


      Vacuum Feed Collators
        Models: MC8, MC80 and VAC100
      Booklet Makers
         Models: SPF10, SPF10+2, SPF11, SPF20
     Perfect Binders
        BQ240, BQ260, BQ 460



Duplo  DC10000S
DC 8000S,  DC 10000S Air Feed
Duplo 4000 and 5000 Systems
DBM 100,  DBM 200 DBM 250 Bookletmakers
Duplo 12/24 Friction Feed


Duplo   4000, 5000, 1060i Systems

Duplo DC1060 all models
Duplo 1060i all models
Duplo 600i All series 
 Sales, Parts and Service

Largest Collator Booklet Maker parts inventory in southeast!

  Collators and Booklet Makers


Duplo Near Line Digital Feeders
Duplo DSF2000 and 5000 Feeder
Duplo DSF2200 Feeder
Sales, Parts and Service 


Bindery Equipment Installation and Training
     Our service technicians have years of experience providing installation and training on the equipment we service.
       We service these lines of equipment, provide installation and operator training.

Preventative Maintenance
     Our service program offers Preventative Maintenance programs specifically suited to your equipment.
    Let us help reduce downtime and improve overall performance of your equipment.  All of our maintenance and Tune Up procedures are designed to maximize your Bindery equipment's production and reduce waste.

"Quality Service by Experienced Professionals"